caramel pretzel brownies

Well todays recipe is short and definitely sweet enough ruin a few of your teeth. As you guys know by now sweet/salty is my to die for flavor combination and these brownies just knock it out of the ballpark. Just when you think your little box brownie mix has seen it all we throw in… Continue reading caramel pretzel brownies


Southern Minestrone

Minestrone soup is a simple Italian soup with humble beginnings. Being a vegetarian was a necessity, not a choice in the early Roman days. Some say the soup began by taking left over vegetables and broth to not waste any of the valuable ingredients they had on hand. I adore dishes like this, that come… Continue reading Southern Minestrone


lo mein in 15 minutes

Well once again my pantry and I were having our daily conversation (I stand there, my food says nothing to me, and I just stand there waiting...sigh...I think my pantry could really use some alone time...). Well finally an idea came to mind for Chinese food, now I will be totally honest I love Chinese… Continue reading lo mein in 15 minutes


what to do with those thanksgiving leftovers…

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, I know I had a wonderful holiday and I hope you enjoyed yours as well. Today's post is more of a re post of some past ideas that would be a recipe redo for some of those lingering turkey day leftovers in your fridge. I am a big fan to… Continue reading what to do with those thanksgiving leftovers…


autumn ale onion rings

Lets just begin with my full admission of onion rings are my guilty pleasure food. Something about that deep fried crunchy batter, with that tender sweet onion center just gets me every time. We have a local drive in here where you still have to pull into the stall, pick up the old school telephone… Continue reading autumn ale onion rings

just for fun

cake for a poodle

So a few weeks ago it was my beloved poodle-baby birthday. Like any good mother would do a homemade cake was in order. I got this idea several years ago from the Martha Stewart show, she makes a similar cake for her dogs, so if it's good enough for Martha it's way to good for… Continue reading cake for a poodle


cajun cornmeal fried okra

Okra is one of those vegetables that you love or you hate, no inbetweeners here. It's hard to describe okra to someone who's never eaten it, because there's nothing else really like it...Really try to think of how to explain it to someone, "well it's shaped like a jalapeno -but not hot, tender like a squash - but not mushy, has… Continue reading cajun cornmeal fried okra


orecchiette with vegetable ragu…

Am I hungry? check... Do I have absolutely nothing in my fridge? check...Do I open and close the fridge door a hundred times with the hopes an idea will spark?...check... I am beginning to wonder about my cooking skills, no I am not a skilled or trained chef, but I am also not the at… Continue reading orecchiette with vegetable ragu…


croissant french toast and roasted peaches

By no means can I take credit for this recipe, this is a favorite of my sister Lindsey's that she makes for me often (she knows I have a bit of a sweet tooth) , but it is truly out of this world delicious. Begin by roasting the peaches for about 30 minutes in the… Continue reading croissant french toast and roasted peaches


lemon poppy seed muffins

I am a morning person, happy to rise before the sun says hello, ready to talk and be productive before breakfast. I've learned from my childhood that to be a well liked morning person you may do as wish, but just don't talk to anyone else before 10am. Weird as it sounds I really don't… Continue reading lemon poppy seed muffins